Cream and Gold Baby Shower

The word Wonder is what was we pulled off in amazing fashion as we only had 1 week notice for this baby shower job. This ‘One Week Wonder’ involved us styling the cake table, creating centrepieces for the two dining tables, as well as creating a welcome signage. The theme was cream and gold but our client also wanted the decor to look elegant and sophisticated, as well as having some playful touches since it is a baby shower.  

Diary Entry:

Friday (a week before the event)

We met up with our client at The Corinthia to discuss her requirements and her vision. The main word for them was ‘The WOW factor’ . The venue had a beautiful private dining room called the North Hall, which had beautiful mirrored walls and a gorgeous painting right in the center of the back wall.

During the meeting, we used a concept board (created based on our client’s requirements) to illustrate our conceptualisation of how we would style her event. Once our client signed off on the concept board, then the fun part (aka the design process) begins and it was a mad dash to get everything together as we only have a one week time frame.

Monday-Thursday (Design Stage)

At YEP, all of our event decor are bespoke as it allows us to be more flexible to our clients’ requests and taste. For instance, these ABC boxes and alphabet letters were custom made and tailored to go hand-in-hand with the theme of creme and gold.

Floral Design

One of our tips on floral design is to always do your floral work last, because if it is done too far in advance of event day, the florals would not last (particularly working with fresh florals during summer heat).

As mentioned, one of the client’s requirements was to have a Wow Factor the minute they walked into the North Hall. As such, we designed the cake table using white and green hydrangeas and customised alphabets as the focal point that drew the eye, which in this case was the ‘Kavi’s Baby Shower’ layout.

Friday (Event Day)

Having only an hour to set up everything on event day, having a good team around you is key - as everyone knew exactly what they had to do. Having the staff from The Corinthia help us out here and there was also helpful, so we want to give them a thank-you shout out as well.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through the pictures, and that we have inspired you if you are currently planning a baby shower. Last but not least, we will leave you with one last tip in regards to floral selection.

Floral Tip: Hydrangeas do tend to be on the expensive side of the flower spectrum, so make sure you think about your budget before deciding what flowers you want for your event. Alternatively, do a bit of research on hydrangea dupes - such as verbinum - to get a similar look but is more budget friendly.


Party Sylist: YEP Enterprise

Photography : Louie Donovan

Location: Corinthia Hotel

Cake: Loic Carbonnet from The Corinthia