Difference Between Winter And Summer Wedding

Why A Winter Wedding Can Be A Good Idea

Wedding season are typically between late Spring till early Autumn, with the Summer months of June, July, August and September being considered peak wedding season. One of the reasons Summer is considered peak wedding season is because you are more likely to have good weather and more guests availability during this season. You and Your Wedding has released an article on the most popular wedding dates for 2016 and 2017. So if you are still looking for wedding dates, do have a look at this article. Saying that, this does not mean you should be a sheep and follow the herd. There are plenty of reason why getting married in the winter season can be more beneficial than the summer season.

Venue cost


A cheaper price is the biggest advantage of getting married in the winter. Generally, it is the venue cost is which considered one of the biggest wedding budget expenditure, so ideally you want to make sure that you are getting the best price for your budget. When it comes to venues, they typically have peak and off-peak seasons. The winter season is considered off-peak as venues will be less booked up then, so there will be more availabilities.

It will be much easier for you to score your dream Saturday date during the winter season than it is during the summer period. Magnet Street  advised that you should even try and negotiate with the venue as they know it is the slow season and they really want to make sure that they fill their calendar up. So if you are the type of person who likes to negotiate on prices, you are more likely to succeed during the winter months.


During the peak wedding season (June, July, August and September), do expect to pay the highest amount possible due to the fact that wedding venues are able to fill in their calendar during this season quite quickly, particularly if it is a popular wedding venue such as Hedsor House, Anyhoe Park or Highclere Castle. With some of the more popular venues, do not be surprised if you have to be put on a waiting list or need to book twelve to eighteen months in advance for a Saturday wedding during the peak wedding season period.  

If you have your heart set on a summer wedding and want to save on cost, Hitched has advised  to pick a date during the week as you may be surprised with how much of a price difference it can be for a weekday wedding versus a Saturday wedding.

If you have your heart set on a summer wedding and want to save on cost, pick a date during the week!



The winter weather is a big risk that any bride and groom will be taking if they choose a winter wedding, and is one of the reasons why a winter wedding is not a popular as a summer wedding. There is a high percentage that you would not be having sunny blue skies during a winter wedding. On the flipside in colder climate countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, having a winter wedding can be a romantic adventure with snowfall and festive decor creating a dreamy winter wonderland. Additionally, during a winter wedding, you would not have to worry about sweating in your bridal gown/groom attire or running the risk of having panda eye-makeup.

If you desire a winter wedding and have the travel bug, why not try a winter wedding abroad, which we at YEP love to plan and style. Do have a look at this Telegraph article which has listed how much a destination wedding will cost as well as the best places to go for a destination wedding.

Having a winter wedding can be a romantic adventure with snowfall and festive decor creating a dreamy winter wonderland


A reason why summer weddings tend to be more popular than winter weddings is because  you know you are more likely to get beautiful outdoor picturesque wedding shots. Outdoor Bohemian weddings are becoming ever so popular with the big floral arch and the picturesque lake behind, like the Lake Como wedding editorial shoot we did with Lilly Red Creative, Christine Cater and By the Lake Workshop.  

With Summer weddings, you do not  have to worry about getting your hair windswept or makeup ruined by the rain. Of course if you are having a summer wedding in the UK, you still cannot 100% predict the weather but you are more likely to see blue skies than grey ones. Do read more on the importance of having a rain plan in place for your wedding here.



Navy has always been a popular colour choice for  bridesmaids and flowergirls. According to Elegant Wedding Invites, dusty blue, dark blue and shades of baby blue are beautiful colour trends for 2016. If you are a risk taker and do not want to the stereotypical colours of red and gold for a winter wedding, why not try deep purple monochromatic tones for your winter wedding. You can also play around with your winter venue surrounding and use them to your advantage. The Knot and Bridal Guide always have amazing ideas on how to jazz up your winter wedding.


Another tip to save on cost for your summer wedding is to ‘dry hire’. To find more about what dry hire means, do click our blog which covers the definition of dry hire as well as what other other questions you need to ask your wedding venue.

Other tips for saving on a summer wedding is to know your florals as it is always cheaper to go with in-season florals.  With the money you save on dry hire as well as in-season florals, you could put it towards a hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to ensure you have a stress-free wedding.

Always cheaper to go with in-season florals

I hope we have lifted the worries that most bride and groom feel when debating on whether to book a Winter Wedding or Summer Wedding. We always want you to know there are options and everything can be #doable. We at YEP can certainly help when it comes to planning your wedding so do get in touch with us if you have any further wedding queries.

Comment down below if you have had a winter wedding and what benefits did you find when planning your winter wedding.  

Once again, thanks for reading!

Photography by Katherine Salvatori