Bridal Emergency Kit

What Is It And Why It Is Necessary


Most people think ‘what on earth…’ when they hear the words ‘bridal emergency kit’.

So picture this: Your wedding day is going seamlessly so far but halfway through the day – during the picture session after the ceremony - one of your bridesmaids accidentally trips up and rips her dress. What would you do if you were in that situation? The chances of someone nearby possessing safety pins that you can borrow in order to pin the rip in the dress back together is probably very low. However, if only someone in your bridal party carried a ‘bridal emergency kit’, then there will be no need for any anxiety, as out comes the safety pins, thus mending the rip in the dress, thereby ensuring that picture session may continue on accordingly.

It is a kit with necessities that a bride and her bridal party may need on the day to help with any emergencies arising out of unforeseen circumstances.

The moral of the story is that a bridal emergency kit is exactly what it sounds like – a kit with necessities that a bride and her bridal party may need on the day to help with any emergencies arising out of unforeseen circumstances. So then, what are those necessities?

Below is a list of some necessities that we have found to be useful for brides and maids of honour. For example, straws are very handy for staying hydrated without spoiling your lipstick already applied or white chalk to mask those pesky accidental stains on your dress.


Some essentials for your bridal kit:

  • straws

  • nail file / manicure set

  • bobbi pins/hair grip and hair elastics

  • plaster/ band aids

  • tweezer

  • mints

  • wet wipes

  • eye drops

  • floss

  • toothbrush & toothpaste

  • panadol/aspirin/ibuprofen

  • antacid/indigestion tablets

  • cotton bud

  • tissue

  • lint roller

  • safety pins

  • deodorant

  • sewing kit

  • compact mirror

  • white and clear nail polish

  • panty liner/tampon

  • razor for legs

  • moisturiser

  • hand sanitiser

  • gel cushion for feet

  • white chalk

  • allergy relief medication (particularly for weddings held in spring and summer) ie hay fever


Travel size products are key

When it comes to packing it all in, a little bit of ingenuity is needed since there is no point putting together a bridal emergency kit if you cannot carry it with you. One tip to ensure that your maid of honour has the kit on hand is to buy things in travel sizes and fit them into a clutch or small bag that matches the colour of the maid of honour’s dress. This way, the kit will not be so conspicuous or clash with the maid of honour’s dress colour (since she will be the person most likely to be responsible for the kit).  

Obviously, you can tailor your bridal emergency kit to suit your needs, preference and taste, but we hope to offer some inspiration to those who are getting married in the near future, and want to have as less stress as possible on their wedding day.


So what will you be putting in your bridal emergency kit?

Let us know down in the comments section what is the most useful item in a bridal kit to you.

Bridal emergency kit: Pinch Provisions