Christmas Weddings: Weddings With A Twist

In these busy and uncertain times, finding ways to save time and money has become a way of life. This can also be true when it comes to your big day. It is a well known fact, weddings can be expensive and time consuming. Don’t panic though as there are some tricks that can help relieve both the time and financial pressures. The biggest being to have an ‘off season’ wedding, generally meaning from the months of October through to March. Being the start middle and end of winter, you are more likely to get good deals with your venue and even other vendors during this time. Their unpopularity mainly being the unpredictable and cold weather conditions. There is however, one month that is an exception to this rule and that is December.

‘Off season’ wedding is generally from the months of October through to March

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For me, this is definitely true of the Christmas season. For everyone out there that agrees, what could be better than a wedding with a festive twist! Christmas weddings are on the rise and because of this are no longer considered ‘off peak’. Hotel venues will also be booked with family events and office Christmas do’s, therefore adding the ‘peak’ into ‘peak season’. However, there still may be some discounts out there but this will depend on the venues/ vendors you choose. For example, if your venue also provides accommodation which will not be at capacity, it is worth seeing if any discounts can be offered. Check out our blog for more information on some of the important questions to ask your venue.

Walking in a winter wonderland

Another downside of getting married in ‘peak season’ is the amount of time you have to book in advance. Even for Christmas weddings, you may have to book a few years in advance due to their popularity. If you have your heart set on a Christmas wedding, but don’t want to wait, it may be worth considering November. One of the less popular months, you may be able to book your venue and vendors with less notice. This may also help the bank balance as there will be more discounts available due to the time of year. Who says the end of November isn’t the perfect time to create your festive wonderland! Check out our blog on the benefits of winter weddings.

Jingle Bells

One of the pros of a Winter wedding is the decor. There are a million different themes so you don’t have to let it overshadow your personality. With a Christmas wedding, you can incorporate all the traditions of the festive season. It’s highly likely your chosen venue will be decorating for Christmas so this may help with styling costs if their happy for you to incorporate their decor. However, it is so easy to go overboard in all the excitement. The key is to settle on a decor theme and stick to it. That way the wedding will be tasteful and elegant without looking like Santa’s elves exploded in there!

Another huge benefit of having your big day near Christmas, is most of your guests will be off work and able to attend. This can also work as a disadvantage as the closer to Christmas you get, the more likely it is people have plans and are catching up with their own families. The key to this is making sure you get your invitations out as soon as possible so people are aware of the date and can plan accordingly.

Ups and Downs

As with anything, there are pros and cons for both on and off peak seasons. Off peak will usually be a more cost effective option and may also help get the venue of your choice without the three year wait. Peak season will mean you may have to plan a little in advance to make sure you get the all the vendors you want. This may also come with a heftier price tag. Whatever way you decide to go, your wedding will still be a magical event where all your dreams come true.

We’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas season and if you are planning a Christmas wedding, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Photography by Steve Dalton