Summer Wedding Floral Inspiration

Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Every Spring, one of the highlights in the floral world is the Chelsea Flower Show but whenever it is time to get tickets last minute, it is always sold out. So this year, (to not miss the boat again), I bought my ticket 3 months in advance and I have to admit that it is money well spent.  When you first walk onto the show grounds, it is easy to get caught up exploring all the outside vendors, but do remember to make your way into the main building located in the middle of the show grounds as that is where the main displays are. Stepping into the main building will blow your mind if you are a flower lover, since it is floral galore every direction you look.

Wedding Colour Palette

If you have a wedding to plan, going to the Chelsea Flower Show can help provide inspiration for your wedding florals or wedding decor. For instance, just have your wedding colour palette in mind upon arrival at the show grounds, so that it will be at the back of your mind when you start browsing around, as the Chelsea Flower Show is a great opportunity to see what colours and species of flowers work well with each other.   

Start looking at flowers that will fit-in with your wedding colour palette, and make sure to take your camera along so that you can snap pictures of your favourite displays and flowers when browsing. Also, do not forget to jot down the names of the flowers when researching, as nothing is worse than wanting to replicate an idea but not having the exact product details.

Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea Flower Show

Floral Inspiration For Wedding Floral Arrangements

You can use Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration - see how other brides have incorporated flowers into their weddings and assess if it could work for you. Example of social media channels that we love to get floral inspiration from are Karen Tran, Rebel Rebel, McQueens Flowers, and Ovando.

Additionally, do enquire about the price of each flower that is of interest to you in order to start planning your wedding floral budget. Flowers such as Hydrangeas are considerably more expensive than Peonies so knowing how much a species of flower costs will help you when you are deciding on how much to include in your floral budget.

The average cost of wedding flowers can vary widely, depending on how many flowers you need, the types of flowers you choose, and whether or not they're in season!

If you are about to begin your wedding planning journey and you’re not sure where to start, do read our blog which provides 5 tips to help you get started on wedding planning.

YEP Gets Inspired For Intimate Engagement Dinner

Roses are one of the go-to Summer flower to have in your wedding floral arrangement, and we saw lots of them at the Chelsea Flower Show. Hence, for our client’s intimate engagement dinner, we created a purple and cream rose floral bouquet and used the same roses as floral posies for the table arrangements.  If you are new to floral arrangements, focusing around one flower is a good way to start since it helps build a base for other flowers to be incorporated into the design.

The rose is far from boring, particularly when it comes to colour

According to The Knot about roses, it is “long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose figures into many myths and fairy tales. Romantic writers and poets have used the flower as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion, and true love throughout the ages. An all-star in the world of weddings, the rose is far from boring, particularly when it comes to color - the rose is available in solid colors and bicolor varieties, and there are striped roses and tipped roses as well”.

The Chelsea Flower Show is a beautiful venue that not only displays amazing flower and florist vendors,  it’s also a place to get inspired. The YEP team will definitely be going for the 2018 show, as there were so many displays we missed. Honestly, if we could, we would love to go everyday!

Have you been to The Chelsea Flower Show?  If so, we would love to hear what your favourite display was and what flower really caught your eye. Comment down below.

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Chelsea Flower Show Photography is by YEP Enterprise

Photography for the engagement dinner (purple and cream roses) is by CCC Photography