Birthday Picnic: Perfect For Summer

50th birthday party
Birthday party in the park

Birthday Party In The Park

When you think of picnics, the word casual is normally the first word that pops to mind. In this instance though, we did not just want a traditional picnic layout – we were quite keen to mix it up a little. The brief was to keep it simple yet fun with a casual touch, since our client did not want too much fuss. Hence, we had to find the right balance between casual but with a professional look. Making it more of a celebration, and not just a random gathering. We also prayed extra hard for the weather to be on our side since English weather (as we know it) is very unpredictable.

Get The Right Picnic Spot

Location, location, location is a phrase associated with property hunting. Likewise, in event planning, picking the right spot is the pièce de résistance of your event. Do not be discouraged if the first venue of your choice is a no-go for your event. Just keep scouting until you discover something that ticks all your boxes. After all, you may find something that’s even better than your original choice.

Case in point is this birthday party, as our first choice was to have the picnic near the pond area. However, due to some variables outside our control, this pond area turned into a no-go zone. We then continued scouting until we found the right spot and our perseverance paid off.  On the whole, this worked in our favour since our second chosen spot had the beautiful London skyline as the backdrop, making this 50th birthday party extra special.

50th birthday party
Birthday party in the park
Birthday party in the party

Fresh Is Best

In keeping with our theme of not having a ‘traditional’ picnic, serving fresh food and fruits played a key role in providing guests with that alfresco dining experience associated with having an outdoor party.

As you have seen from the pictures, you will observe that less is more, because in this case we kept the food simple yet eye-catching. All the food served were canapés style food like olives, fresh carrots, cheddar and cherry tomatoes with a sprig of basil, fresh guacamole served with baked tortilla chips, and melon and cheese wrapped in prosciutto. We also had a snack station which had popcorn, fresh cherries, strawberries and grapes.

Birthday party in the park

Birthday cake-wise, we had a Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake that was absolutely scrumptious, and was demolished in 30 minutes! So if you are currently looking for a birthday cake, do pop into Peggy Porschen in Victoria and check out their cake selection as you will not be disappointed!

If you had to plan a picnic in the park, where would you have it and what food will you have at the picnic? Leave your comments down below.

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