Rustic Garden Summer Wedding

Rustic summer wedding
Summer wedding in a barn

A Journey To Happily Ever After

A wise man once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and for Matthew and Nadhira, this saying is most apt since they both travelled more than 3000 miles to different cities across the world from each other, yet still ended up right back together in Oxford. If you are interested in reading about Matthew and Nadhira’s journey to happily ever after, then keep scrolling down.

Matthew and Nadhira both met 10 years ago while studying in college in India. They then went their separate ways to further their university education with Nadhira moving to the US while Matthew moved back to the UK. Yet with all that distance between them, Matthew and Nadhira still managed to build a strong and loving long-distance relationship, thereby resulting in both of them finding their journey back to each other as well as deciding to settle down together in Oxford.

Vintage summer wedding
Vintage summer wedding Oxford

Merinjis Ceremony

As Matthew and Nadhira desired a personalised event decor that paid homage to their relationship story, we styled the table used for the Merinjis ceremony (a Malay wedding custom for family and friends to offer blessings and congratulations to the couple) with books, vintage luggages and a mini globe to symbolise Matthew and Nadhira’s journey to happily ever after.

In addition, Nadhira’s relatives created the rose water to sprinkle the blessings upon the couple - if you are a rose water fan, then one whiff of this rose water mixture is something you are going to want to try as it is a mix of finely sliced screwpine leaves and slices of rose petals.

Blessing ceremony Oxford
Blessing ceremony Oxford
Rustic summer garden wedding

A reflection of personal style

In between all the miles and travelling around the globe, Matthew and Nadhira both developed creative passion for the artistic field of drawing, painting, architecture, and even designing pieces of furniture. As such, to reflect both Matthew and Nadhira’s journey to happily ever after, as well as their creative passion for art, we decided to theme their wedding day around a rustic wedding theme infused with painting elements.

The rustic theme was enhanced by the reception venue being a former farmhouse - from the wide open garden, to the wooden table and chairs as well as the wooden ceiling. Guest were seated “family style” and we added to the rustic ambience by utilising burlap table runners, wooden logs, foliage and paper lanterns to create a more intimate ambience. We also used painting elements such as art canvas, paint brushes, studio easels and photo frames for the table centerpieces and the floral designs.

Rustic summer garden wedding Oxford

To further add to the intimate ambience of Matthew and Nadhira’s day, guests signed a thumbprint canvas instead of the traditional guest book.  Seeing as it was a summer wedding, Nadhira’s aunty kindly created some natural handmade insect repellent (pink topped bottles on the table) to ward off any pesky bugs who dared to intrude.

To round up this lovely rustic wedding, Matthew and Nadhira handmade the wedding favours (rosemary infused and chilli infused oil)  for their guests to take home, which in our opinion was the perfect touch to ending this intimate wedding day.

Rustic summer garden wedding Oxford

We hope that you have all enjoyed reading about this lovely rustic summer garden wedding as well as feeling inspired for your own rustic theme wedding day. We want to thank Matthew and Nadhira for sharing their intimate day with us and wish them all the best as they continue with the next chapter in their journey of happily ever after.


Reception Venue: Isis Farmhouse

Wedding Planner: YEP Enterprise

Rose Water & Handmade Insect Repellent: Sabon Sunday